The Car Bomb Podcast

Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey, Irish Beer. Oddly Enough, Only One Of Us Is Irish. Barely.

We'll talk about whatever happens to cross our minds this week.  Pop Culture, movies, TV shows, games.  We'll disagree about almost everything, especially music.  This is the Car Bomb Podcast.

New News Section

I'm writing this at 3:19 A.M. after drinking and playing Outlast with Chris. It occurred to me that we should have a dedicated News feed separate from our Ramblings which should be just that. Ramblings.


Kicking it off, Chris and I have skipped this weeks podcast to livestream (and record) five hours of an Outlast Let's Play found on our YouTube page here.


Furthermore, I've severely fallen behind on the Link Dumps, but they should be updated soon. We will return next week with episode #10 where we will hopefully have guest.