The Car Bomb Podcast

Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey, Irish Beer. Oddly Enough, Only One Of Us Is Irish. Barely.

We'll talk about whatever happens to cross our minds this week.  Pop Culture, movies, TV shows, games.  We'll disagree about almost everything, especially music.  This is the Car Bomb Podcast.

Weekend update

Not that this will become a weekly habit but this is on a Saturday I'm updating.  Late upload for episode 20 but I'm pretty sure nobody is eagerly waiting.  In other news we now have a twitter account which is linked on our contact page so feel free to follow there.  We are planning more twitch live streams and have made an account there instead of using Jesse's.  It will be linked on our live feed page.  Following us on twitter will be the best way to know when those will be happening.  That's about it for now.

Is anyone still reading?


You're the best, Carl.