The Car Bomb Podcast

Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey, Irish Beer. Oddly Enough, Only One Of Us Is Irish. Barely.

We'll talk about whatever happens to cross our minds this week.  Pop Culture, movies, TV shows, games.  We'll disagree about almost everything, especially music.  This is the Car Bomb Podcast.

Question: Hey.

Answer: That's not a question.


Question: I was just being polite and saying hello!

Answer: Still not a question.


Question: You're an asshole.

Answer: It's part of my charm. Also, not a question.


Question: Okay, fine! What the hell is the point of this podcast?

Answer: Thank god, a question! There is no point to this podcast. We get drunk and "discuss" matters. Loudly.


Question: So, what? You aren't famous or anything? Why would I want to listen to two dudes get drunk and talk?

Answer: Two questions?! You're figuring this out quick! 


Question: Fuck you. Answer the question.

Answer: No, we aren't famous. Yet. And drunk people are awesome to listen to. I'll be honest, this is for our own entertainment more than yours. And it's just two dudes for now...


Question: So where is this podcast going, wheres it headed?

Answer: You're giving us way to much credit for thinking ahead here...


Questions: That doesn't seem smart.

Answer: Your face doesn't seem smart.


Question: ...

Answer: I'm not apologizing.


Question: :'(

Answer: Your tears give me strength.


Question: Freak.

Answer: Thanks.


Question: Whatever. Will the episodes be released on a consistent schedule?

Answer: Reply hazy, try again.


Question: Are you answering me with a Magic 8 Ball?!

Answer: It is certain.


Question: So you have no idea when the podcasts will be released or how long this will even last? 

Answer: Yeah, pretty much.


Question: Then why put so much effort into this website and this FAQ?

Answer: I woke up early this morning. And trust me , not much effort was put in here.


Question: Wow, you need a life.

Answer: Yeah... I know... You get one more question, make it good.


Question: What? You're capping the FAQs?

Answer. Are you the one typing all this out?


Question Fair enough... Ok, I got one.

Answer: Shoot.


Question: Why does Chris suck so much?

Answer: I don't know man... It's one of life's great mysteries, you know... like Stonehenge or why Tom Cruise has a tooth in the exact middle of his face... I just don't know...