The Car Bomb Podcast

Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey, Irish Beer. Oddly Enough, Only One Of Us Is Irish. Barely.

We'll talk about whatever happens to cross our minds this week.  Pop Culture, movies, TV shows, games.  We'll disagree about almost everything, especially music.  This is the Car Bomb Podcast.


Chris Truscott-Brown - The loud drunk one. (57 Episodes)

Jesse Nelson - The loud drunk one. (58 Episodes)

Kieran Stevens - RIP in peace (12 Episodes)

Matthew Spohr - The self-proclaimed ugly one. (19 Episodes)



Joe Main - The first one. (3 Episode)

James The Bread - The bread one. (1 Episode)

Brent Pabsdorf - The fucking lamp-post. (2 Episode)

Deepak Bhatti - The brown one. (3 Episode)

Jonathan Goerzen -The polite one. (2 Episode)

Wally West - The Jesse One (1 Episode)

Ben Calder & Paul Neufeld - The College Guys (1 Episode)

Dave Kopp, Erich Dachwitz & Josh Ashton - The Stand-Up Guys (1 Episode)



Jamie Truscott-Brown - Graphic Designer