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Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey, Irish Beer. Oddly Enough, Only One Of Us Is Irish. Barely.

We'll talk about whatever happens to cross our minds this week.  Pop Culture, movies, TV shows, games.  We'll disagree about almost everything, especially music.  This is the Car Bomb Podcast.

Car Bomb #9 Link Dump

Irish Car Bomb

Twitch Acquired By Amazon

 Breaking Bad Emmy Success

Bryan Cranston

Aaron Paul

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

True Detective

Woody Harrelson

Matthew McConaughey

Jeff Daniels

Jeff Bridges

Kevin Spacey

Robert Forster

Anna Gunn

Sam L. Jackson Breaking Bad

Ezekial 25:17

Dean Norris

Bob Odenkirk

Breaking Bad Awkward Dinner

100 Year War


Airheads - Steve Buschemi

Jumping The Shark

J.D. & Turk

The I.T. Crowd

Nick Fury

Tomb Raider

I Disappear - Metallica

Mission: Impossible Elevator Scene


J.K. Simmons 

Hell's Gate 

Inspector Gadget 2

Regional Winter Soldier List


Heather Graham

American Beauty Sex Scene

Lubed Cactus

New York Nicks

Dale Ernhardt Sr. Crash

Faces Of Death

Budd Dwyer

Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter